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About Us

We are not in the business of Rubber, We are in the business of Relationships.

Chamara Rubber Rollers was founded in the year of 1972 by our current CEO and Managing Director, Wayaman Uragoda and his wife Kusum Uragoda. Todate Chamara remains as a family business looking after their beloved clientele for over 47 years and going stronger than ever before.

When Wayaman Uragoda established the business in 1972 as a single person manufacturing company he had just one dream; Helping every Sri Lankan industry with their Rubber Roller and Rubber Part needs right here in the country so businesses can keep their hard earned money within the country and use it on their own developments and expansions. It’s amazing to see how far Charama has come building strong relationships with over 1500 clients from all over the country.

Chamara currently employs 100+ full time staff in Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Delivery areas and we are always looking to employ skilled technicians in all different areas.

Chamara believes in delivering a Quality product, fast, at an affordable price. We firmly believe this sets us apart from all the other manufacturers from around the world.

You are always welcome to visit us at;

No. 4 Kolonnawa Industrial Estate, Gothatuwa New Town to see how we operate. (Search us on Google Maps)

Feel free to call 071 105 8782 to get a Quote for your Rubber requirements.

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