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Phone : (+94) 112 418893
Email : info@chamara.lk
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About Us

We believe in Precision. We thrive in quality, and we act on punctuality; Because our passion is customer care.

Established in 1973, to cater the Automotive product needs of the local market Chamara emerged as a trusted name for supreme quality, thus, build up a idea base of discerning customers island over.

We diversified our product range a decade later and approached the Rubber Roller Industry armed with best technology backed by research and development. Not surprisingly, today we enjoy the leadership status as a nation’s major rubber component supplier, not merely satisfying, but delighting customer requirements.

Thanks to our dynamic laboratory staff in their-toes, we constantly come up with better designs of better quality and lower costs to develop more user oriented products through critical investigations.

Our Mission

To be the best at what our customers value most.

What we offer

An extensive range of Rubber Products in perhaps every quality and size. From Automotive rubber components to Rubber Rollers, we offer with our expertise on Rubber compounds and are flexible to meet specific requirements of customers, around the clock.