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We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Rubber Diaphragms. Made locally to International Standards, and even better.

High quality Diaphragms, out of Natural rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile,  EPDM, Butyle, Silicone, NBR-PVC are being manufactured by “Chamara Products” to suit individual customers requirements.

Actual users, Spare Parts & Accessories Retailers, Original Equipment manufacturers are invited to patronize our services for a reliable supply source.

Engineering Industry, Steel plants, Irrigation & Water supply, Pumps & Valves Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar, Chemicals, Transportation, Petrochemicals & Refinery, Power, Fertilizer are industries that consume various types/ sizes of Diaphragms.

Since we are in the Rubber product manufacturing Industry since 1973, we possess the expertise coupled with plant & equipment, skilled man power & ambitious development strategy to deliver a reliable product at an extremely competitive price tag.

From individual job size and weight criteria, we are equipped to offer a molded rubber component from

  • 1 mm dia up to 1000mm dia
  • 1 gram to 100 kilograms a piece.

Whatever the size, volume, profile, our policy is to ensure that our valued customers get:-

  • Best Quality Products
  • Promptly delivery as per schedule.
  • Best value for money.
  • Reliable after sales service.

Our Product Range

  • Diaphragms for control valves.
  • Valves body Diaphragms.
  • Straight through type Diaphragms.
  • Plain Diaphragms.
  • Miscellaneous types of Diaphragms.

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