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Folding Rollers

Where Folding Rollers are concerned we need to elaborate firstly the fact that “You need not waste money” on a new Folding Roller.

We are highly successful in recovering any size of transport collars to the original specification for a fraction of the cost of a new Folding Roller.

We guarantee that the standards for quality and precision meet the exact specifications of the original manufacturer. As such the performance & folding quality will be superior.

On receipt of the used Folding Roller we carry out a thorough inspection covering :-

  • Excess wear on  the Roller
  • Straightness of the Roller
  • Strip old Rubber off  the Roller
  • Clean Roller thoroughly
  • Replace Rings with durable Rubber.
  • Grind Rubber back to original specification

Our Folding Rollers will ensure outstandingly accurate folding & straight ahead transport of the sheets as significant traction increase is present.

The other main properties which are significant are:-

  • Extremely high wear resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to tear.
  • Excellent oil & fuel resistance.
  • Heat resistance up to 100 C0

Other characteristics :-

  • High bond strength
  • Concentricity
  • Straightness

So, why not consider cutting down your costs on new folding rollers when the identical performance can be achieved through re-conditioned Folding Rollers from “Chamara Products”.

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